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Who We Are


Who We Are

Stephanie Hamilton is the Creative Visionary behind the brand Nektar. She is a soul photographer, published author, and certified Aura-Soma Colour Practitioner.  Stephanie is also a certified Reiki Level I and II practitioner, subtly incorporating the energies of Reiki into her photography to help her subjects connect to their purest essence.  Stephanie is an avid storyteller and loves to use her work to help others to see the beauty in their lives.  Her work has been featured in a digital exhibition in Times Square in NYC, and recently exhibited in the United Nations in the NYC Headquarters.  Stephanie is passionate about advocating for people with special needs and recently started the project "I am ME (most extraordinary)" to foster global change in educating, advocating, and mainstreaming beauty in difference.  Stephanie is an avid foodie with a love of herbs and Superfoods, having completed her certification in Raw Nutrition.   She also loves to do the splits and is working towards her 200 hr Yoga Alliance Teacher Training this year.  Having spent 20 years living away from her native Canada in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and New Zealand, Stephanie has travelled extensively to over 60 countries and has a passion for new travel experiences.


Jill Trevethan has a passion for providing posture correction and functional fitness advice.  She holds a BHSc in Naturopathy and Chinese Medecine, is a Level II Stott Pilates Instructor, Master Reiki Practitioner, and Master Level II PIDDDS practitioner (spinal balancing technique).  She is currently studying Raw Nutrition and earning a Masters Certificate in Osteopathy.  Jill has a sporting background as a competitive swimmer and tri-athlete.  After suffering a back injury in 200, she became a Stott Pilates Instructor as part of her journey to recovery.  Jill has taught pilates for 12 years in Australia, Dubai, Scotland, and currently resides in the USA.  She has found that Pilates gives people the core strength and body awareness necessary to improve performance in any sport, and mobility in every day life.

Heather Haynes is a well known Canadian artist who has been painting professionally for over 20 years. From the very beginning of her career Heather has been active in supporting local and national causes with her art donations.  Her Tree Series brought her international recognition starting in 2005, when this work was brought into galleries across North America and in the U.K.


Since 2008 Heather has been traveling consistently to Africa, specifically Uganda, Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo. In Moshi, Tanzania, Heather co-founded The Pamoja Tunaweza Boys and Girls Club.  This club provides a safe haven for local at-risk youth to obtain life and employment skills, and to prepare themselves to be assets in their community and beyond.  The club is primarily run by former street kids turned local leaders.


In DRC, Heather has spearheaded a community empowerment project.  This includes the Tchukudu Kids Home, an orphanage complete with a security wall, sanitary latrine and water collection system. She has also secured North American sponsorships for over 100 orphaned children. The project also includes an agricultural venture that provides food for the children, with the excess being sold for income to help cover expenses.  Currently a school is being constructed that will educate the orphans and other local kids and provide jobs for local teachers.


In 2009 Heather launched her African inspired Worlds Collide series on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, in the chamber of The Speaker of the House.  In 2012 Heather opened her own gallery in Kingston, ON with a portrait show, Women of East Africa, from which she donated proceeds back to help enable the women she depicted.  In 2014 she presented a portion of Wall of Courage, consisting of portraits of orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  In 2016 this piece debuted in its entirety at Shenkman Arts Centre in Ottawa.  Wall of Courage is set to exhibit in Grand Rapids, Michigan as part of ArtPrize in September 2016, and PeaceQuest on November 11 in Kingston, ON.


In recognition for her selfless efforts for the past 20 years, Heather was awarded the Paul Harris Fellowship Award from Rotary International in November 2014.  The award acknowledges "service above self" which the individual has offered to their community, their nation or to the world.


Heather resides north of Kingston, Ontario.

Neha Jamani graduated as a Natural Chef at the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts (Berkeley, California) in April 2013.  She then completed a number of culinary internships in the US until the end of the year.  As part of her commitment to her professional development, every year she participates in events such as the Food As Medicine conference and additional training to expand her skills and knowledge as a therapeutic chef.

In 2014 she returned to Dubai --where she was born and raised-- to establish The Sacred Kitchen so that she could bring all that she has learned about Food As Medicine and Food As Nourishment to share with others.  Neha is the creator of "Dialogue Dinner" and the popular "Wellness Dinner" events in Dubai.  She has travelled extensively and loves kickboxing and yoga.