What are you worth?

Sounds like a ridiculous question, right? How can we ever put a value on our lives, and yet how can we NOT put a value on our lives?  As women, we are pushed and stretched far beyond what can often handle.  We say "Yes!" when our heart says "NO" as we sign ourselves up for a continual battle of our own inner will.  

I have created this retreat just for YOU.  It was created out of the sincerest and purest LOVE for our fellow women, encompassing lessons that we have learned on our own paths, while giving you an environment where you can learn from others while carving out your own sense of wellbeing.

The value of the retreat, like the value of our own lives is difficult to put a number on as time invested in self care and creativity is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself.

I feel pretty confident we are exceeding the value of what you are paying.

Sri Lankan Experience 6500 dhs or $1765 USD

 To find more about what is included in this cost, please click HERE and scroll down and read the text just under the "Retreat" heading.